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Store : Security Locker
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System Error
Starts (7.3)

As you step through the door you are suddenly face to face with a tall and very angry Woman.

She seems to relax for a moment, then apparently makes a sudden decision. 'If the Watchdog thinks you can be trusted, thats good enough for me. I am the Security Chief for the Network, but we have a problem. We are being hacked from the outside.

The intruder has infected our monitoring systems and is now able move freely around the Network. We can't pin down which program the Hacker is using due to our compromised Systems, so we cannot combat the hack.

Can you acquire a Security Data Log from the Corrupted System Monitors found in the Databank (Beta)?'

Go to Databank (Bete) kill corrupted system Monitors until you have a Data Log, Return to (7.3)

The Security Chief strides around the room restlessly. She greets you eagerly as you return, 'Have you found a Security Data Log?'

She takes the Log and examines it carefully, 'Hmmm, a custom job. Interesting. Thank you for your help. Take these Credits, sorry it's all I have.

You have been very efficient with your task, go talk to the Sector Logger and see if you can help him. Oh, you might want to visit the Security Locker for some useful equipment. Good luck to you Unit.'

You receive 20 Credits

Go to (6.7)

The Sector Logger looks at you with some suspicion, 'The security Chief has just messaged me saying you would be coming. I have a task for you, if you're interested.'

The Sector Logger looks skeptically at you, 'The Hacker has injected a vicious program into the Archive. If you do not have the correct equipment for the task you will probably meet a painful death. I have no wish to send you on a suicide mission, take this Network Security Pistol.

It will need Ammo that can be bought from the Security Locker. Also note that when you run out bullets you will reload the Pistol with spare Ammo from you back pack.

If you have no Ammo, the Pistol obviously cannot fire. So please prepare for combat properly. If you think you are up to the task, please enter the Archive and terminate 30 Trojan Tanks. Return to me if you complete the task.'

You receive 1 x Network Security Pistol

Go to Archive kill 30 Trojan Tanks and return to (6.7)

The Sector Logger waits for your return, 'Have you completed your task, and destroyed 30 Trojan Tanks?'

The Logger blinks in disbelief, 'I am impressed, that Virus is very potent. I obviously underestimated you. Please take this Phase Inducer Blueprint as payment for all your hard work.

Note that more than one Component can sometimes be extracted from a Resourse. I know that the Component needed for the Phase Inducer is extracted from the Trojan Engine. This resource has two components. Good luck.'

You receive 75 Xp + 5 Skill Points + Phase Inducer Blueprint

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