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store : Initialize Store
trade icon1cred
Starts at (2.2)

You feel warm. A reassuring background hum murmurs quietly in the distance. You open your eyes and see a room of red light. A voice echoes within your mind, 'Link established - Can you hear me?'

The voice continues, 'That's good, first you must learn how to navigate the environment. Around the frame of the Mini-Map you will find the Arrow Tabs . Clicking these will allow you to move yourself 1 step. Move directly South and find the Blue Marker within the next room.'

Go to (2.8)

As you move through the world, your footsteps make a gentle hissing sound. Before you on the floor is a large Blue Marker.

You step on the Blue Marker and a bell chimes in the air. The voice echoes in your mind, 'Good, you take instruction well. Below the Mini-Map you will find a row of buttons. These are called the 'Quick Links', a pop-up will appear if you hover your mouse pointer over these Quick Link buttons.

Find the 'Open Area Map' button and click it. This will open an overview of the entire region. The Area Map is very useful for finding locations of interest within your surroundings. Using the Area Map find the Green Marker and move to it.'

Go to (6.2)

In a small room you discover a large Green Marker

As soon as you step on the Green Marker a bell chimes softly in the air. The voice echoes in your mind, 'The Area Map is useful for finding locations which are important. Generally such locations are essential to finding and completing missions.

You can review your current mission progress by clicking the Character Tab in the Main Menu, then open the Mission Log. The Mission Log will list all the missions you have discovered.

The missions you have completed are marked with a 'Tick'. The Missions which you still have to do are marked with a 'X'. The current mission "Orientation" will be shown here and the stages you have completed may be reviewed. Use the Map to find the Location Instructor.'

Go to (6.8)

The Location Instructor stands before you on a low platform.

The Instructor smiles at you, 'To the right of the Mini-Map you will find “The Location Details”, this is a list of all the actions that may be done in the square that you are standing in.

Travel south and find the Initialize Store. Step onto the square that the store is in and click the Browse Shop Icon to enter the shop.

The Icon can be found in the Location Details to the left of the Store Name. When you are in the Store buy a Trade Icon, and return to me when you have done this.'

You receive 1 credit.

Go to (6.12) Return to (6.8)

The Locations Instructor waits silently for you to return, 'Have you acquired a Trade Icon from the Initialize Store?'

The Instructor takes the Trade Icon from you. 'Well done. Another action that you can do in a Location is to use a “Stairway” to the next Area.

Go to the room West of the Initialize Store and find the stairway to the next Area. Use the Stairway to get to the next stage of your mission.

When you have entered the next Area look for a Yellow Marker to complete your Orientation.'

Go to Initialize (Stage 2)(2.2)

As you step through the door of light you are transported to another Area. In the small room a large Yellow Marker pulses gently.

The bell chimes softly as you activate the Yellow Marker. The voice whispers in your mind, 'If you look to the right of the Mini Map just above the Location Details – you will find the Area name.

You will see that this Area is called Initialize (Stage 2). Every Area has a unique name. The co-ordinates of your current location are also shown next to the name, it's always useful knowing where you are.

You now know how to move, find locations of interest using the Area Map, use a shop to trade and use a Stairway to move to another Area. Congratulations, you now completed your Orientation. Please find the Item Dispenser for your next Mission.'

You receive 10 XP

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