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Cloning Facility (Loading Bay)

Store : Loading Locker
Found in Cloning Facility (Loading Bay)
When you complete first part of Delivery Note is completed
Krin Vest Blueprint36Photobucket Othdorn Grieves Blueprint36Photobucket Yash Attack Helmet Blueprint36Photobucket
Loading Locker
Krinvest Blueprint, Othdorn Grieves Blueprint, Yash Attack Helmet
Delivery Note
Starts at (2.13)

The Gate Keeper waves to you, for some reason it's good to see a familiar face.

Pride openly beams from the Keeper's face, 'You are an exceptional Unit, most people think that a Cloning Facility is a factory where clones are made. What they don't realize is that each Clone is an individual. Some are more successful than others, it's the wonder of life at work I suppose.

Other Cloning Facilities seek to maximize production by perfecting on one particular DNA string. We feel this produces a Unit which lacks a certain adaptability. Our Facility G27 produces less clones but with a higher quality of Unit with our chaotic approach to production. Though others may measure quality in different ways we have never received any complaints about our product from our customers. Recently we have not received any word from our Customer concerning the Units we have sent. But that is not the immediate problem we are facing.

Can you please repel the threat that is attacking the Facility? Please kill 15 Cyborg Raiders.'

Kill 15 Cyborg Raiders, return to (2.13)

The Gate Keeper waits for you patiently, 'Have you killed 15 Cyborg Raiders?'

The Gate Keeper looks at you like a proud parent, 'You have done well. You have far exceeded projected performance for your Model. Please take this Star as a mark of pride. I shall open the Loading Stores for you, you will find some interesting Blueprints, please choose carefully you will only be given one Star.

Please return to me when you have finished with the Loading Stores.

You receive 1 Premier Unit Star

Go to Cloning Facility (Loading Locker) if you like, return to (2.13)

The Gate Keeper smiles as you return, 'Have you done with the Loading Stores?'

The Gate Keeper nods, 'My last task is to give you your release document. This certificates you as a quality assured G27 Unit. You are now ready for delivery to the Customer.

For your instructions for Delivery see the Dispatch Droid at the end of the Loading Bay.

You receive 1 x G27 Delivery Note

Go to (10.2)

The Droid tilts it's head to one side, 'You're not like the other Units, they tried to give me the Delivery Note. The Note is for the Customer to document receipt of the product. We haven't received communication from the customer in ... errr ... some time.

Simply walk down the Desert Path until you come to 101 Highridge HQ. It's a long way so be careful. Give the Delivery Note to the Unit Reception Droid of 101 Highridge HQ.

It's a dangerous world, watch your Health, Item Durability and Bullets. Luck to you Unit.'

Go to 101 Highridge HQ (15.8)

Bodies of G27 Clone Units lay in heaps all around you. Their life blood turning the sand a dark crimson. A broken Reception Droid sits in a ruined building at the center of the grisly spectacle. The Droid has a slot in it's chest.

The card drops easily through the slot. To your suprise an alarm bell rings out as soon as you post the Delivery Note. In confusion you turn and try to find out where the odd noise leads.

You are shocked when one of the bodies lifts up it's head. Instinctively you run over to the mortally wounded Unit.

Go to (14.6)

The mortally wounded Unit smiles weakly up at you.

The Unit takes a ragged breath, 'Run, it's a trap. The Chrome Hand will ask you to join them or die. They are looking to bolster their numbers for an Army. Their Leader Sharona Rai is insane (cough) but she seems to have unlimited resources at her disposal Oh I'm sorry, it seems you left it too late.

Might I ask a favor of you. Can you rip a Metallic Hand from one of those Chrome Hand Crushers. It will make me feel better knowing one of my own tore his precious technology from him.'

Kill Chrome Hand Crushers until you have a Metallic Hand, return to (14.6)

The dying G27 clone Unit coughs blood as you return, 'I see you survived longer than I, did you manage to rip the Metallic Hand off one of those Chrome Hand Crushers?'

The Unit takes the Hand from you, 'I suppose it's quite petty of me really, but I'm glad that one of them died before I did.

I overheard some of them talking about a place called Taulin City. They said you follow the Highridge (Walk) then down the Highridge (Descent) and you find Taulin City. You should go there to escape the Chrome Hand.

They are intent on killing everyone who has not joined them. You had better go before more return. I also found this Crusher Hand Blueprint on my travels, I think you'll make better use of it than me. Good luck my friend.' The Unit slowly closes his eyes. You watch your fellow Unit die before you, as you turn you see the field of carnage. This Sharona Rai and her Chrome Hand must be stopped.

You receive 704 Xp + 1 x Crusher Hand Blueprint and 14 Skill points

Cyborg Raider

Drops : Cyborg Raider Noggin

resource thief

Drops : Looter Backpack

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