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Highridge Mines (Mouth)

Store : Highridge Rounds
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Money from the Mines
Starts at (16.5)

As you journey through the mines you see a soldier diligently harvesting what appears to be slimy glow sacks from the Fervo Beetles found in this area. As you approach the soldier, he turns to face you.

'Hello there, a G27 unit? I didn't think we'd see any more of your kind after Sharona Rai attempted to capture your processing facility. You look like you could use some better equipment, especially if you're planning to journey deeper into these mines. I am harvesting these Fervo Beetle's glow sacks, there is nothing worse than getting attacked by an adversary that you cannot see, and these glow sacks really brighten the way ahead.

My name is Temli, would you be interested in helping me with something, I will split the reward with you, 50-50?

Just east of here lies one of the largest Halls in the mines. We believe these halls were created many years ago during the apocalyptic war that devasted the surface of sigma, the underground tunnels have grown in size ever since. Several substantial deposits of Taulite Ore were discovered after expanding the tunnels. The ore can fetch a rather nice price at an open market. However, the whole area is crawling with Mine Security Guards, and they will not surrender the Ore easily. The only downside is that it is extremely dark in the Halls, in certain areas in the deeper Mines it's pitch black! Before you can enter you will need to make a torch. Here, take this blueprint.

You gain 1 x Glow Torch Blueprint.

Fervo Beetle
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