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Suiting Up
Starts (5.6)

Light runs in rivers all around you as you walk through the world. Upon a platform a ghostly form hovers. The shining figure opens it's eyes and smiles, 'I am the Item Dispenser are you looking for me?'

The figure smiles, then reaches out and touches you. A slight static charge runs through your body. 'I have given you the 'Steel Body Armor', please speak to me again if you wish to know how to equip the item.'

You recieve 1 x Steel Body Armor

Stay at (5.6)

The Item Dispenser stands before you, 'Do you wish to know how to equip your new item?

The Item Dispenser nods, 'To equip the item I have given you, you need to first click the Character Tab found in the Main Menu. When the tab opens, select the Data Sheet.

This Sheet details all your Character information. On the Data Sheet you will find a image of yourself. The Backpack is located under this image. There are five slots available for items to be carried in the Backpack. In one of these slots you will find the Steel Body Armor.

Click on the small picture of the Steel Body Armor to equip it. When you have done this the Armor will vanish from your Backpack and "jump" into the relevant location in your Inventory.

Speak to the Combat Instructor when you have equipped the Steel Body Armor.'

You recieve 10 Xp

Fist Fighter
Starts (9.2)

Before you is a low platform, a ghostly figure hovers over it, 'I am the Combat Instructor. Are you ready to learn how to fight?'

The Combat Instructor tilts her head slightly, 'Direct, I like it. Just one thing to mention before we get into it.

One of the most important Attributes a Character has, is it's 'Energy'. It takes 1 Energy to take a step, and 1 Energy to make an attack.

The Energy your Character has, is shown by the 'Energy Pulse' counter in between the Sigmastorm name plate and the Tip Box at the top right of the screen. You can mouse-over the pulsing light to get the pop-up that details all aspects of your Characters Energy.

For a quick summery, the counter just below the Energy Pulse shows how much Energy is currently available to you. At the start you get 500 Energy.

Go through the door into the next Area and meet me there.'

Go to Initialize (stage3)(2.2)

The Combat Instructor hovers before you, 'Are you ready?'

'Just right of the Mini-Map are the 'Location Details', this is a list of all actions which are available to do on the square you are currently standing in. If there is an enemy Entity on the square, they will be listed in the Location Details.

To review the Entity Stats, simply click on the 'View Entity' icon next to it's name. To attack the Entity click the 'Cross Hair'.

Note: if you get killed you are instantly re-cloned at the nearest Cloning Facility.

Also it would be a good idea to visit the shop and purchase some Health Stims when you have some Credits. Click on the Area Map to find where the Shop is.

After you have killed 3 Combat Sprites return to me.'

Kill three Combat Sprites and return to (2.2)

The Combat Instructor hovers before you, 'Have you killed 3 Combat Sprites?'

The Instructor claps her hands, 'That's excellent. Did you notice that your health has not regenerated after combat? Its a good idea to have a store of Health Stims with you. These can be bought in any Shop.

Now you fought the Combat Sprites with your hands. Take this Nightstick. You must equip it like you did the Armor. Also any items you gained from the Combat Sprite might be worth a look at.

After you have equipped the Nightstick, go kill 10 more Combat Sprites and return to me. You will see a difference in your combat effectiveness.'

You gain 1 x Nightstick

Kill ten combat Sprites and return to(2.2)

The Combat Instructor hovers before you, 'Have you killed 10 more Combat Sprites?'

The Combat Instructor shimmers slightly, 'I take it that you killed the Combat Sprites much easier with the Nightstick? Items provide effective bonuses to your character. If you are having difficulty in killing an Entity, look to see if there is any new equipment that you can acquire. Shops are a good place to look first.

Remember that you can see all the locations of interest from the Area Map Quick button.

Also note that every time you enter combat your equipment can get damaged, and their durability is reduced. When equipment durability is damaged, the bonuses given by the equipment is also reduced. At the Mechanic you can repair equipment for a Credit cost and this will fix the equipment and will also restore all the bonuses to it's full potency. It is important to do this regularly.

You may now proceed through the door into the next realm. You will find the Skills Instructor. When you enter a new Area, remember to use Open Area Map quick link to find the Instructor and other important locations.'

You gain 11 Xp

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