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Store : Data Packets
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Crawling Corruption
Starts (14.2)

Hidden in the corner of the Data Store you find a softly glowing figure hovering over a low platform.

The figure crackles for a second, 'Yes, I am the Skills Instructor. I'm sorry but the system has been attacked by a virus called The Creeper. I have no time to explain.

The Creeper has stolen the Token so the Network cannot communicate properly. Please retrieve the Token and insert it back into the Network Switch. Return to me if you succeed, I shall then continue your Instruction.'

Kill The Creeper until you get a token go to (2.9)

The Data Switch crackles with power, a shield of light spins around, preventing any unauthorized access. Only Tokens are allowed through the Data Switch.

You insert the orb of purple light into the Data Switch. Light immediately begins to pulse from the base of the pillar of light as the Token is sent around the Network. Your job is now complete.

You should return to the Skills Instructor.

Return to (14.2)

The Skills Instructor hovers before you over a low platform, 'Have you restored the Token back into the Network Switch yet? I'm sure The Creeper stole the Token if you haven't found it.'

The ghostly figure smiles at you, 'Thank you for your help. The Network is now working again. What you see before you is not “real”, it is a Virtual Reality simulation to allow you to orientate properly before delivery to the customer. Unfortunately this facility has been suffering some technical difficulties, and has received no invoice from the customer stating receipt of the previous Units that have been delivered.

The mainframe has deduced that the customer is simply not satisfied with the product, and has provided additional units to fill the order. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern after all. To add value to our product we are now adding default skills to each unit.

I have now allocated 5 Skill points to you. You may allocate these to the desired skills. This will give variety to the customer. Talk to me again to find out how to allocate your skill points. The decision is very important, and requires deep consideration.'

You recieve 5 Skill points.

Look at the holograms if you like, Return to (14.2)

The Skills Instructor hovers before you, 'Have you looked at the Holograms?'

'When you have chosen the Primary Skill for your chosen class, all the skills in that class will become available to you as long as you are the required level. When you purchase a skill they can be activated on your self or other players. It costs Energy to use a skill so be careful when using them.

Also some class items will require a specific skill and points invested in that skill to use. Please note, that this simulation has not been programed with class specific weaponry and armor.

In the top right corner under the Tip Window you will find your Skill Power Bar, you accumulate skill power after you have defeated Entities. You are able to activate your Class Skills with the power from this bar. There is no rush in choosing your Class, so take your time. You have now finished your Skills training.'

You recieve 36 Xp

Energy Leak
Starts at (14.14)

A glowing figure waves at you.

The figure looks very like the Instructors you have met, only far more animated. 'I'm sorry to bother you, but I have a problem. In Databank (Alpha) the data structure has suffered indirect damage from the Creeper infestation here in the Data Store. Energy Spikes are running all over the place.

Can you please see if you can fix it, they have to be coming from somewhere in Databank (Alpha).

I can't Search the Databank with all those Spikes running wild. They will reduce me to bits if they touch me.'

go to Databank (Alpha)(2.11)

A tall monolith stands before you, bolts of electricity arc from it's surface onto the floor and walls.

There is a view screen in the center of the the Data Node. The screen shows a system error, where a diagnostic button flashes. You press the button and a small cube materializes in front of you. 'Diagnostic program initiated . . . Diagnostic complete. This Data Node has suffered a Power Surge which has shorted the inner relays. The Data Node is off-line at this time and is leaking Energy Spikes in the local area.

Please re-insert a new Power Relay. If you do not know how to make a Power Relay please select the appropriate Help from the view screen.' The Small cube vanishes from sight.

A shorted Data Node towers in front of you. In the center of a large View Screen a Help button flashes.

The Help button blinks momentarily as you select it. A small cube materializes in front of you, 'Diagnostic Help Selected.

To construct a Power Relay first take this Blueprint. It will appear in your Back Pack, click the Blueprint icon to learn how to construct a Power Relay. When you have learnt the Blueprint it will vanish from your back pack, to examine the Blueprint you will need to visit an Assembly Plant.

When you enter an Assembly Plant the Blueprints you know will be listed. Clicking on the Power Relay Blueprint will show the components needed to construct the item.

The Diagnostic knows that the Fused Switch Part can be found in the Shop in the Databank (Alpha). The Surge Vector Component needs to be extracted from the Hertz Matrix resource. Thankfully the Hertz Matrix is essential to the Energy Spikes internal structure.

Please destroy 10 Energy Spikes as well as collect a Hertz Matrix and Fused Switch. Return when you have completed these tasks.

Kill ten Energy spikes, buy a fused switch, and return to (2.11)

You recieve 1 x Power Relay Blueprint

The Diagnostic Cube hovers just in front of you, 'Have you destroyed 10 Energy Spikes and retrieved a Hertz Matrix from it, as well as bought a Fused Switch from the Data Field shop?'

The Cube shimmers, 'The Hertz Matrix Resource will be listed in your Back Pack. To extract the Surge Vector Component simply click on the Hertz Matrix Resource.

The Hertz Matrix will be dismantled, the Surge Vector will then appear in your components area of your Back Pack. Only then will you have the items necessary to make the Power Relay.

Go to the Binary Assembly Plant, there you can access the blueprints you have learned. Assuming you have the right components and credits available, you can use them to make new items.

When you have constructed the Power Relay an alert will appear informing you that your item is ready for collection in your Mailbox. Retrieve the Power Relay from your Mailbox on the left hand side of the interface, then return here and insert it into the shorted Data Node.'

Go to (6.11), return to (2.11)

The Diagnostic Cube spins on an unseen axis, 'Have you acquired the Power Relay?'

The sparks from the Data Node vanish, 'The Data Node is now fully operative. Thank you for your help. I have now been authorized to give you this Shocker Touch Weapon Add-On and 35 Credits.'

You receive 50 Xp + 1 Shocker Touch + 35 Credits

the creeper

Drops : Token

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