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If the items that are need dose not list a number then it means that you only need one of those items. Other wise it is the number listed with the item.
BP = Blueprint, IR = Items Required, CR = Components Required, Item Type
NameBP IconLevelCostIRCRItemIT
Interlaced Body Armorinterlaced body blueprint213steel bodr armorSteel Body Armorpulse linePulse Lineinterlaced body armorBody Armor
Interlaced Leg Armorinterlaced leg armor bp213steel leg armorSteel leg Armorpulse linePulse Lineinterlaced leg armorLeg Armor
Interlaced Helmetinterlaced helmet blueprint213steel helmetSteel Helmetpulse linePulse LineInterlaced HelmetHelmet
Monitor Macemonitor mace blueprint210nightstickNightstickmonitor armored lenseMonitor Armored Lensemonitor maceWeapon
Power RelayPower Relay22fused switchFused Switchsurge vectorSurge Vectorpower relayMission Item
Power Spearpower spear210Hertz MatrixHertz Matrixsurge vectorSurge Vectorpower spearMission Item
Phase InducerPhase Inducer bp313shocker touch weapon add onShocker Touch Weapon Add Ontrojan transducerTrojan Transducer x2Phase InducerWeapon Add On
Charge UploaderCharge Uploader bp416Nonenetwork cablesNetwork Cables x2
trojan coreTrojan Core
Charge UploaderMission Item
Snub Nose Pistolsnub nose hand cannon blueprint416networt security pistolNetwork Security Pistoltrojan coreTrojan Core x2snub nose pistolWeapon
Chrome Plated Chainchomre plated chain blueprint520Pulse GeneratorPulse Generator
Hertz MatrixHertz Matrix
alloy scale vestAlloy Scale Vest
NoneChrome Plated ChainBody Armor
Impact GeneratorImpact Generator520Charge UploaderCharge Uploadersystem capacitorSystem CapcitorImpact GeneratorWeapon Add On
Linked Scale Leggingslinked scale leggins blueprint520Pulse GeneratorPulse Generator
alloy scale leg armorAlloy Scale Leg Armor
NoneLinked Scale LeggingsLeg Armor
Night Hatchetnighthatchet blueprint520hatchet bladeHatchet Blades
NoneNight HatchetWeapon
Snub Nose Hand CannonSnub Nose Hand Cannon bp520snub nose pistolSnub Nose Pistolsurge vectorSurge Vector x2Snub Nose Hand CannonWeapon
Visored Combat Helmvisored combat helm blueprint520Pulse GeneratorPulse Generator
monitor headMonitor Head
alloy scale helmetAlloy Scale Helmet
NoneVisored Combat HelmHelmet
Constrictor Whipconstrictor whip624security droid huskSecurity Droid Huskconstrictor tailConstrictor TailConstrictor WhipWeapon
Needle Daggerneedle dagger624security droid huskSecurity Droid Husksecurity droid legSecurity Droid LegNeedle DaggerWeapon
Segmented Droid Greavessegmented driod greaves624security droid huskSecurity Droid Husk x3noneSegmented Droid GreavesLeg Armor
Acetylene BombAcetylene Bomb bp732timerTimeracetylene canisterAcetylene CanisterAcetylene BombMission Item
Korrin Body Armorkorrin body armor blueprint747looter backpackLooter Back Pack x2
laced iron shirtLaced Iron Shirt
NoneKorrin Body ArmorBody Armor
Voltarin Helmvoltarin helm blueprint747looter backpackLooter Back Pack x2
metal pot helmMetal Pot Helm
NoneVoltarin HelmHelmet
Xakthor Leg Armorxakthor leg armor blueprint747looter backpackLooter Back Pack x2
studded velar stridesStudded Velar Strides
NoneXakthor Leg ArmorBody Armor
Krin VestKrin Vest Blueprint836Premier Unit Star
Dual Coated VestDual Coated Vest
cyborg raider skullCyborg Raider Skull x2Krin VestBody Armor
Othdorn GreavesOthdorn Grieves Blueprint836premier unit starPremier Unit Star
impact weave combatsImpact Weave Combats
cyborg raider skullCyborg Raider SkullOthdorn GreavesLeg Armor
Yash Attack HelmYash Attack Helmet Blueprint836premier unit starPremier Unit Star
Skull Painted Face PlateSkull Painted Face Plate
cyborg raider skullCyborg Raider Skull x2Yash Attack HelmHelmet
Buglette Rotor BladeBuglette Rotor Blade Blueprint961Olth BladeOlth Blade
buglette wingbuglette Wing
gyro stabiliserGyro StabiliserBuglette Rotor BladeWeapon
Jithtor Mk2 Weapon Add OnJithtor Mk2 Weapon Add On bp961Jithtor Waepon Add OnJithtor Waepon Add Ongyro stabiliser x2
rotor transmissionRotor Transmission
Jithtor Mk2 Weapon Add OnWeapon Add On
Port 1 Micro DartPort 1 Micro Dart Blueprint961Core Lanna Helmet Add OnCore Lanna Helmet Add On
Olth BladeOlth Blade
rotor transmissionRotor TransmissionPort 1 Micro DartHelmet Add On
Psi ThornPsi Thron Blueprint961thron dartThorn Dart
Charged Mind ShardCharged Mind Shard
NonePsi ThornWeapon
Rotor ChukkaRotor Chukka Blueprint961Bug BaneBug Bane
buglette wingBuglette Wing
rotor transmissionRotor Transmission x2Rotor ChukkaWeapon
RotorkinRotorkin Blueprint920Edge DiscEdge Discgyro stabiliserGyro Stabiliser
rotor finRotor Fin
Shotgun Mk1Shotgu Mk1 Blueprint961Thorn PistolThorn Pistol
barrel extentionBarrel Extention x2
rotor finRoto Fin x2Shotgun Mk1Weapon
Harvesters Needle Fistharvester needle fist bp1068steel gloveSteel GloveHarvesters Armx2 Harvesters Armharvester needle fistWeapon
Harvesters Plateharvester plate bp1068jerrod armorJerrod ArmorHarvesters ChestHarvesters Chestharvesters plateBody Armor
Jargronesh Body ArmorJargronesh ba bp1068jerrod armorJerrod Armorlurker skinLurker Skin
lurker toothLurker Tooth
jargronesh body armorBody Armor
Jargronesh Helmjargronesh h bp1068farra helmetFarra Helemtlurker skullLurker Skull
lurker skinLurker Skin
jargrones helmHelmet
Kanizsa Body Armorkanizsa ba bp1068jerrod armorJerrod Armorlurker skinLurker Skin
lurker toothLurker Tooth
kanizsa body armorBody Armor
Kanizsa Helmkanizsa hbp1068farra helmetFarra Helmetlurker skinLurker Skin
lurker skullLurker Skull
kanizsa helmHelmet
Serial Alloy Body Armorserial alloy ba bp1068jerrod armorJerrod Armorlurker toothLurker Tooth
lurker skinLurker Skin
serial alloy body armorBody Armor
Serial Alloy Helmetserial alloy hbp1068farra helmetFarra Helmetlurker skullLurker Skull
lurker toothLurker Tooth
serial alloy helmHelmet
Trooper Body Armortrooper ba bp1068jerrod armorJerrod Armorlurker skinLurker Skin
lurker toothLurker Tooth
trooper body armorBody Armor
Trooper Helmettrooper hbp1068farra helmetFerra Helmetlurker skinLurker Skin
lurker toothLurker Tooth
trooper helmHelmet
Bite Mutation Dose 1bite mutation dose 1 bp12147Venom Rad SacsVenom Rad Sacks x2
vomar armorVomar Armor
rad snake fangRad Snake Fang x2
Rad Snake SkullRad Snake Skull
Bite Mutation Dose 1Weapon
Jig Nar Helmetjig nar helmet bp12147irrish helmIrrish HelmRad Snake SkullRad Snake Skull x2Jig Nar HelmetHelmet
Venom Rad SacsVenom Rad Sacs bp12147NoneVenom GlandVenom Gland x3Venom Rad SacsMissoin Item
Crusher HandCrusher Hand bp13163Metallic HandMetallic Hand
steel gloveSteel Glove
Sensory InputsSensory Inputs
Internal ServosInternal Servos
Crusher HandWeapon
Sand Strider Leg Armorsand strider leg armor bp13163rimgoll leg armorRimgoll Leg ArmorSub Dermal Skin MeshSub Dermal Skin Mesh x2Sand Strider Leg ArmorLeg Armor
Tharrok Body Armortharrok body armor bp13163tarsol armorTarsol Body ArmorSilvered Chest PlateSilvered Chest Plate x2Tharrok Body ArmorBody Armor
Morlash Skirmish Head Guardmorlash skirmish head guard bp14192quall helmetQuall HelmetScorched BarkScorched Bark x2Morlash Skirmish Head GuardHelmet
Psi Bloom Dartpsi bloom dart bp14192thron dartThorn Dart
Charged Mind ShardCharged Mind Shard
Spine Bloom DartSpine Bloom Dart x2Psi Bloom DartWeapon
Sardath Body Armorsardath body armor bp14192xallion combat jacketXallion Combat JacketScorched BarkScorched Bark
Spine Bloom DartSpine Bloom Dart
Sardath Body ArmorBody Armor
Spine Scale Leg Armorspine scale bp14192avanion leg armorAvanion Leg ArmorSpine Bloom DartSpine Bloom Dart
Scorched BarkScorched Bark
Spine Scale Leg ArmorLeg Armor
Relthan Bullet Casterrelthan bullet caster bp15224relthan slug casterRelthan Slug CasterDescent Spider LegDescent Spider Leg
Descent Spider MandiblesDescent Spider Mandibles
Relthan Bullet CasterWeapon
Relthan Shell Casterrelthan shell caster bp15224relthan slug casterRelthan Slug Caster
barrel extentionBarrel Extention
Descent Spider LegDescent Spider LegRelthan Shell CasterWeapon
Spider Fang Weapon Add OnSpider Fang Weapon Add On15224norhath weapon add onNorhath Weapon Add OnDescent Spider MandiblesDescent Spider Mandibles x2Spider Fang Weapon Add OnWeapon Add On
Barbed Whipbarbed whip blueprint162663 cord whip3 Cord WhipToads Barbed TongueToads Barbed Tongue x2Barbed WhipWeapon
Desert Walker Leg Armordeser walker leg armor bp17288rilsom leg armorRilsom Leg ArmorSpear Hunter StridesSpear Hunter StridesDesert Walker Leg ArmorLeg Armor
Sand Worn Jerkinsand work jerkin bp17288darlok body armorDarlok Body ArmorSpear Hunter VestSpear Hunter VestSand Worn JerkinBody Armor
Taulin Guard HelmTaulin Guard Helm bp17266yamgol helmetYamgol Helmethook toad skullHook Toad Skull x2Taulin Guard HelmHelmet
Slinger Shooterslinger shooter bp18334vented hand gunVented Hand GunBlackened PistolBlackened Pistol x2Slinger ShooterWeapon
Laced Dura VestLace Dura Vest Blueprint18382volgore body arorVolgore Body Arordroid chest shardDroid Cheset Shard x2Laced Dura VestBody Armor
Scout ScopeScout Scope bp19382rothzak helmet add onRothzak Helmet Add On
data boxData Box x2
NoneScout ScopeHelmet Add On
Trinsue Leg Armortrinsue leg armor bp19382mandar leg armorMandar Leg Armordroid chest shardDroid Chest Shard x2Trinsue Leg ArmorLeg Armor
Grolshin Chromed Helmgrolshin chromed helm blueprint20406troncor helmetTroncor Helmeteye plateEye Plate x2Grolshin Chromed HelmHelmet
Heat Sink Body ImplantsHeat Sink Body Implants20406lamesh body armorLamesh Body ArmorScanner ShellScanner Shell x2
Scanner EyeScanner Eye
heat sink body implantsBody Armor
Heat Sink Leg ImplantsHeat Sink Leg Implants bp20406gordoron leg armorGordoron Leg Armorscanner transducerScanner Transducer x2
Scanner EyeScanner Eye
Heat Sink Leg ImplantsLeg Armor
Nathtrin Leg Armornathtrin leg armor blueprint20406gordoron leg armorGordoron Leg Armoreye plateEye Plate
implant socketImplant Socket
Nathtrin Leg ArmorLeg Armor
Screamer Helmet Add Onscreamer helmet add on bp20406Screamer ConstructScreamer construct x2
lithzak helmet add onLithzak Helmet Add On
NoneScreamer Helmet Add OnHelmet Add On
Valtar Body Armorvaltar body armor blueprint20406lamesh body armorLamesh Body Armorimplant socketImplant Socket x2Valtar Body ArmorBody Armor
Buzz Fistbuzz fist blueprint21464maulersedgeMaulers Edgewrist anchorWrist Anchor x2
buzz discBuss Disc x2
Buzz FistWeapon
Rakthan Body Armorrakthan body armor blueprint21464grithjaom body armorGrithjaom Body Armorwrist anchorWrist Anchor x2Rakthan Body ArmorBody Armor
Yollkorn Leg Armoryolkorn leg armor blueprint21464fathvor leg armorFathvor Leg Armorbuzz discBuzz Disc x2Yollkorn Leg ArmorLeg Armor
Xomdoth Desert Head Gearxomdoth desert head gear blueprint22525angeth helmetAngeth HelmetBullet MechanismBullet Mechanism
Bullet BarrelBullet Barrel
Xomdoth Desert Head GearHelmet
Mind Needlesmind needles blueprint23568Psi Bloom DartPsi Bloom Dart
Charged Mind ShardCharged Mind Shard
surgical toolSurgical Tool x2Mind NeedlesWeapon
Nithgam Helmnithgam helm blueprint23568winydall helmetWinydall Helmetsurgical mini sawSurgical Mini Saw x2Nithgam HelmHelmet
Ollfin Body Armorollfin body blueprint23568anthjill body armorAnthjill Body Armorsurgical mini sawSurgical Mini Saw
surgical toolSurgical Tool
Ollfin Body ArmorBody Armor
Gamma Whipgamma whip blueprint24598segmented steel whipSegmented Steel Whipgamma slimeGamma Slime x2
gamma worm skullGamma Skull x2
Gamma WhipWeapon
Toa Lon Leg Armortoa lon leg armor blueprint24598killsath leg armorKillsath Leg Armorgamma beakGamma Beak
gamma slimeGamma Slime
Toa Lon Leg ArmorLeg Armor
Janov Body ArmorPhotobucket26U/KU/KU/KJanov Body ArmorBody Armor
Janov HelmJanov hbp26U/KU/KU/Kjanov HelmHelmet
Janov Leg ArmorJanov labp26693volsis leg armorVolsis Leg ArmorChrome HandChrome Hand
Chromed MetalChromed Metal
Janov Leg ArmorLeg Armor
Kokada Body ArmorKokada babp26U/KU/KU/KKokada Body ArmorBody Armor
Kokada Helmetkokada hbp26U/KU/KU/KKokada HelmetHelmet
Kokada Leg ArmorKokada Leg Armor26693volsis leg armorChrome HandChrome Hand
Chromed MetalChromed Metal
Kokada Leg ArmorLeg Armor
Morges Skirmish Body ArmorMorges Skirmish ba bp26693garvil body armorGarvil Body ArmorChromed MetalChromed Metal x2Morges Skirmish Body ArmorBody Amor
Morges Skirmish HelmMorges Skirmish hbp26693koljis helmetKoljis HelmetChrome HandChrome Hand x2Morges Skirmish HelmHelmet
Morges Skirmish Leg ArmorMorges Skirmish la bp26693volsis leg armorVolsis Aeg ArmorChrome HandChrome Hand
Chromed MetalChromed Metal
Morges Skirmish Leg ArmorLeg Armor
Polymethyl Body ArmorPolymethyl ba bp26U/KU/KU/kPolymethyl Body ArmorBody Armor
Polymethyl HelmetPolymethyl Helmet bp26693koljis helmetKoljis HelmetChrome HandChrome Hand x2Polymethyl HelmetHelmet
Polymethyl Leg ArmorPolymethyl la bp26693volsis leg armorVolsis Leg ArmorChrome HandChomre Hand
Chromed MetalChromed Metal
Polymethyl LaLeg Armor
Port 1 Tarani Dartport 1 tarani dart bp26643matzon helmet add onMatzon Helmet Add OnRazor LeafRazor Leaf x2
razor barkRazor Bark x2
Port 1 Tarani DartHelmet Add On
Quantum BombQuantum Bomb Blueprint26150timerTimerBomb WiringBomb wiring
Bomb CasingBomb Casing
Quantum MaterialQuantum Material x2
Quantum BombMission Item
Solar CapacitorSolar Capacitor26900NoneSolar Panel FragmentSolar Panel Fragment x4
capacitor linkCapacitor Link x3
energy sinkEnergy Sink x2
Solar CapacitorMission Item
Vardar Weapon Add On Mk2vardar weapon add on mk2 bp26693vardar weapon add onVardar Weapon Add Onzealot data cableZealot Data Cables x2
Zealot ScannerZealot Scanners x2
vardar weapon add on mk2Weapon Add On
Darroth Leg Armordarroth la bp27794cheal laCheal Leg ArmorShard HideShard Hide x2darroth laLeg Armor
Lava Cannon Mk1lava cannon mk127794Lava Rifle Mk2Lava Rifle Mk2
lava reactor mk3Lava Reactor Mk3
heat sheildHeat Shield
Shard SpikeShard Spike x3
Shard HideShard Hide x2
lava Cannon mk1Weapon
Wathsor Body Armorwathsor ba bp27794yinchoi baYinchoi Body ArmorShard SpikeShard Spike x3
Shard HideShard Hide
warhsor body armorBody Armor
Lothdreath Body Armorlothdreath ba bp28863duce baDuce Body ArmorShard ClarityShard Clarity x2
Shard EssenceShard Essence x2
Lothdreth BaBody Armor
Maoyashi SpearMaoyashi spear bp28865norikah spearNorikah SpearShard ClarityShard Clarity x2
Shard EssenceShard Essence x2
Shard SpikeShard Spike
Maoyashi SpearWeapon
Nano Thought Broadswordnano thought broadsword bp28863double handed swordSuperconductorSuperconductor x2
Shard ClarityShard Clarity x2
Nano Thouhgt BroadswordWeapon
Tritok Helmettritok helmet bp28865ditok helmetDitok HelmetShard ClarityShard Clarity
Shard EssenceShard Esence
Tritok HelmetHelmet
Thermal DesiccatorThermal Desiccator28865NoneSuperconductorSuperconductor
Thermal ChamberThermal Chamber x4
Projection ArrayProjection Array
Thermal Desiccator PrototypeWeapon
Inkari Life Taker Mk2Inkari Life Taker Mk2 bp29U/KU/kU/KInkari Life Taker Mk2Weapon
Milleth Leg ArmorMilleth la bp29U/kU/kU/kMilleth laLeg Armor
Razdon Body ArmorRazdon ba bp29U/KU/KU/KRazdon baBody Armor
Glow TorchGlow Torch bp29800Empty TorchEmpty TorchGlow SackGlow Sack x5Glow TorchPart
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