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Here is where information on sigmastorm2 can be found if you are stuck or need help with some thing.
Parts of it I have not gotten to creating a page for yet, that will be coming.
For those that find information that is different from what the web sight says, I implore you to send me the page that the information was found on.
This is simply done by using the print screen button on the keyboard located next to the f12 button on your key board.
Then go to paint or photo shop and either use command ctrl + v (paste) or go to edit menu and click on paste then save image and upload to an e-mail then send it to me at
Also if there are things that are not listed on please feel free to save the .gif image by right clicking on it then send it to me at the above e-mail address.
Then send me a message on sigmastorm2 letting me know that you have sent me an e-mail. pyronic
Also feel free to let me know what things on the web sight are not displaying or are not working properly that way I can go back and fix them.

Area maps


Blueprints, Resources, Mission items,and Equipment


For those of you that would like to help with this guide. Here are things that will be helpful to this guide. Some things I will be willing to pay for and others I will not. Granted I will not pay for any information that I do not already have on the guide. Check the guide be for you send me any thing or upload any thing to a 4shared account.

There are three ways of giving my information one you can send me a message on sigmastorm2, two you can e-mail me the information at, and three you can upload information to this sight 4shared
Here is the screen name and password - aaaaaa
Please notify me via message on sigmastorm2 that you have uploaded any thing or have sent me an e-mail that way I can promptly deal with the information that needs to be added.
  1. Gifs of resources, equipment, drops.
  2. Screen saves of elite and hunter killers.
  3. Mission points, where it starts, what points they lead to and where they end.
  4. Area level Requirements
If the information comes from and elite I will be willing to give you no more then 50 credits for your trouble,
and if it came from a hunter killer I will be willing to give no more then 100 credits for your trouble.
Granted you have let me know that you want the credits for it.
  1. Here is how you create a screen save
  2. Center the information that you want to save one the screen then hit the button located just right of the f12 button of your key board
  3. Open a program like photoshop or paint then either hold crtl+v or go to the edit menu and click on paste.
  4. Save as a 24-bit bitmap or a png.(I need it that way to keep the stats at there original color and clarity)
  5. Upload it to either and e-mail and send it or log in to the 4shared account that is provided for this and upload it there.
Gifs are easy
  1. Right click on the image to save
  2. Click on save image as and save it
  3. Then send it after titling it what it is(Do not use the save name that sigma storm2 has used I wont know what it is that way)