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Here is the list of resources and what components that can be extracted from them. some things will not have what resources they give being as though I have not gathered the information my self.
I know that there are more then one place that a person can find the entity's that drop things listed here, the link will take you to the page that I found them on first.

Amethyst GemAmethyst GemShard ClarityShard Clarity
Shard EssenceShard Essence
Shard ProspectorTaulin Gamma Wastes (Sands)
blossom branchBlossom BranchSpine Bloom DartSpine Bloom Dart
PhotobucketScorched Bark
Spine BloomHighridge (Walk)
Highridge (Descent)
buglette wingBuglette Wingrotor transmissionRotor Transmission
rotor finRotor Fin
gyro stabiliserGyro Stabiliser
BugletteDesert Path (Mouth)
Desert Path (Straights)
bullet storm armBullet Storm ArmBullet MechanismBullet Mechanism
Bullet BarrelBullet Barrel
Bullet Storm CyborgTaulin Gamma Wastes (Straights)
Taulin Gamma Wastes (vale)
buzz armBuzz armwrist anchorWrist Anchor
buzz discBuzz disc
Buzzfist MaulerTaulin Gamma Wastes(Plains)
Taulin Gamma Wastes (Straights)
Chrome ArmChorme ArmChrome HandChrome Handsharona rai (elite)Taulin Gamma Wastes (Towers)
Crusher ForearmCrusher ForearmInternal ServosInternal Servos
Sensory InputsSensory Inputs
Chrome Hand Crusher101 Highridge HQ
cyborg raider nogginCyborg Raider Noggincyborg raider skullCyborg Raider SkullCyborg RaiderCloning Facility (Loading Bay)
data sphereData Spheresystem capacitorSystem CapacitorBit ColatorSystem Edge
dealer headDealer Head implant socketImplant Socket
eye plateEye Plate
Pain DealerTaulin Gamma Wastes (Plains)
Taulin Outskirts (Inner)
Descent Spider BodyDescent Spider BodyPhotobucketDescent Spider Leg
Descent Spider MandiblesDescent Spider Mandibles
Trapdoor SpiderHighridge (Descent)
energy cordsEnergy cordspulse linePulse LineCorrupted System MonitorDatabank (Beta)
Fervo BodyFervo BodyGlow SackGlow SackFervo BeetleHighridge Mines (Mouth)
gamma worm carcasGamma Worm Carcasgamma worm skullGamma Worm Skull
gamma worm hideGamma Worm Hide
Gamma Worm (Champion)Taulin Gamma Wastes (Nest)
Gamma Worm HeadGamma Worm Headgamma beakGamma BeakGamma Worm LarvaeTaulin Gamma Wastes (Hot zone)
Taulin Gamma Wastes (Nest)
Taulin Gamma Wastes (Plateau)
Harvesters BodyHarversters BodyHarvesters ArmHarvesters Arm
Harvesters ChestHarvesters Chest

Desert Path (Straights)
Desert Path (Straights)
Hertz MatrixHertz matrixsurge vectorSurge VectorEnergy Spike
Failed Cyborg Unit
Databank (Alpha)
Transfer Pod
Cloning Facility (West Wing)
hook toad headHook Toad Headhook toad skullHook Toad Skull
Toads Barbed TongueToads Barbed Tongue
Hook ToadPhantom Lake (Shore)
Labour Droid ChestLabour Droid ChestSilvered Chest PlateSilvered Chest Plate
Sub Dermal Skin MeshSub Dermal Skin Mesh
Labor Android Mk3Highridge (Walk)
labour droid torsoLabour Droid Torsodroid chest shardDroid Chest Shard
Labor Android Mk2Taulin Outskirts (Inner)
Taulin Outskirts (Edge)
looted componentsLooted Componentsenergy sinkEnergy Sink
capacitor linkCapacitor Link
Solar Panel FragmentSolar Panel Fragment
Chrome Zealot (Champion)Taulin Gamma Wastes (Towers)
looter backpackLooter Backpackacetylene canisterAcetylene CanisterResource ThiefCloning Facility (East Wing)
Cloning Facility (Loading Bay)
lurker headLurker Headlurker toothLurker Tooth
lurker skullLurker Skull
lurker skinLurker Skin
Sand Lurker (Elite)Desert Path (Straights)
Mine Security EquipmentMine Security Gun
monitor headMonitor Headmonitor armored lenseMonitor Armored LensCorrupted System Monitor
Failed Cyborg Unit
Databank (Beta)
Transfer Pod
Cloning Facility (West Wing)
multi coreMulti Corenetwork cablesPulse LineRogue Legacy RoutineAnalytical Layer
pincer clawPincer Clawpincer housingPincer Housing
pincer grabberPincer Grabber
Pincer Claw CyborgTaulin Gamma Wastes (Plateau)
rad eye handRad Eye HandBlackened PistolBlackened PistolRadeye Pistol SlingerPhantom Lake (Inner)
Rad Snake HeadRad Snake Headrad snake fangRad Snake Fang
Rad Snake SkullRad Snake Skull
Venom GlandVenom Gland
Rad SnakeDesert Path (Steps)
101 Highridge HQ
Razor BranchRazor Branch
razor barkRazor Bark
Razor LeafRazor Leaf
Razor WeedTaulin Gamma Wastes (Razor Plain)
scanner headScanner Headscanner transducerScanner Transducer
Scanner EyeScanner Eye
Dune Scanner (Elite)Taulin Outskirts (Dunes)
screamer carcasScreamer Carcasscreamer thalamusScreamer Thalamus
screamer skinScreamer Skin
Cerebereal screamerTaulin Outskirts (Dunes)
security droid huskSecurity Droid Husksecurity droid legSecurity Droid Leg
constrictor tailConstrictor Tail
Obsolete Security DroidCloning Facility (East Wing)
Cloning Facility (West Wing)
Shard Worker BodyShard Worker BodyShard SpikeShard SpikeShard Prospect WorkerTaulin Gamma Wastes (Dunes)
Taulin Gamma Wastes (Sands)
Spear Hunter RagsSpear Hunter RagsSpear Hunter StridesSpear Hunter StridesMutant Spear HunterPhantom Lake (outer)
surgeons handSurgeons Handsurgical mini sawSurgical Mini Saw
surgical toolSurgical Tool
Old Medic AndroidTaulin Gamma Wastes (Vale)
Taulin Gamma Wastes (Hot Zone)
trojan engineTrojan Enginetrojan transducerTrojan Transducer
trojan coreTrojan core
Trojan TankArchive
Analytical Layer
Ug ArmUg Armug handUg Hand
ug fingerUg Finger
Ug PugDesert Path (Narrows)
Desert Path (Steps)
Wreck ComponentsWreck ComponentsBomb WiringBomb Wiring
Quantum MaterialQuantum Material
Bomb CasingBomb Casing
Razor WeedTaulin Gamma Wastes (Razor Plain)
Wreck SalvageWreck SalvageProjection ArrayProjection Array
Thermal ChamberThermal Chamber
Shard ProspectorTaulin Gamma Wastes (Sands)
Zealot HeadZealot HeadZealot ScannerZealot Scanner
zealot data cableZealot Data Cable
Chrome Zealot (Champion)Taulin Gamma Wastes (Towers)

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