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Store : Unit Supplies
nightstick4cred pistol mag mk215cred alloy scale helmet20cred alloy scale leg armor20cred alloy scale vest20cred alpha stim10cred hatchet blade20cred nighthatchet blueprint20cred pistol mag mk115cred snub nose hand cannon blueprint20cred
Nightstick, Pistol Mag Mk2, Alloy Scale Helmet, Alloy Scale Leg Armor, Alloy Scale Vest, Alpha Stim, Hatchet Blade, Night Hatchet Blueprint, Pistol Mag Mk1, Snub Nose Hand Cannon Blueprint
Store : Keeper Stores
Found in Keeper Locker
keeper locker
pistol mag mk215cred alpha stim10cred chomre plated chain blueprint20cred linked scale leggins blueprint20cred pistol mag mk115cred visored combat helm blueprint20cred
Pistol Mag Mk2, Alpha Stim, Chrome Plated Chain blueprint, Linked Scale Leggings Blueprint, Pistol Mag Mk1, Visored Combat Helm Blueprint
Facility Assault
Starts at (2,9)

As you crawl out of the Transfer Pod, your limbs feel heavy however you soon acclimatise to the new sensations. All around you are walls full of other pods that have incomplete Clone Units being grown. You walk gingerly out of the small room and find a thin robot giving you a nervous glances.

Your voice croaks as you try to greet the robot. As you try again, pain lances through your voice box. The Gate Keeper at first looks at you dumbly, then waves his arms around animatedly and rushes up to you.

'A successful Unit! Amazing! I thought the Assault would be the end of this Unit line for sure, the Orientation Simulation has not been working properly so I assumed all Virtual Constructs would be destroyed. I am the Gate Keeper. I am am responsible for guiding the new units to the delivery point for the customer to pick up. But the Facility has been attacked by a Hacker. The fool has been hatching unfinished Units.

Please find the Hacker and see what you can do to stop him.'

go to (10,7)

The Cloning Facility is dark, the shattered remains of strip lights crack underfoot. Eventually you come across a dead Cyborg laying by a fused Line-Input. Wisps of smoke rises from his temple. He obviously suffered a huge power surge down his line input very recently. The smell of burnt flesh almost makes you sick.

Taking a deep breath you search the dead Cyborg and find a Flash Drive plugged into him. The Gate Keeper will want to see this.

You take 1 x Hacker Flash Drive

Return to (2,9)

The Gate Keeper waits for you with impatience, 'Have you found the Hacker and found out what he is after?'

You describe finding the dead Cyborg and hand the Gate Keeper the Flash Drive. The thin robot takes the Flash Drive in his metallic hands and plugs it into his head.

After a few seconds he unplugs it, 'The Hacker is apparently trying to create an army of Cyborg Warriors for someone called Sharona Rai. But thankfully the Hacker did not fully understand the Cloning process and harmed the production rather than speed it up. I'm relieved that the Hacker has been terminated but his handy work still rampages freely in the Facility.

Please destroy 25 Failed Cyborg Units. This will help the Facility recover from this assault.'

Kill 25 Failed Cyborg Units
Return to (2,9)

The Gate Keeper greets you, 'Have you destroyed 25 Failed Cyborg Units?'

The Gate Keeper smiles up at you, 'You have done me a great service. I'm pleased to see the Units we are producing are of such quality as yourself. The Customer must see the value we are adding to our product and contact us soon!

Take this Pulse Generator as a token of my Gratitude. I will open the Keeper Locker where you will find the Keeper Supplies, that shop sells three blueprints that utilize the Pulse Generator. Choose an item carefully. I shall only give you one Generator. I shall meet you again in the Loading Bay.'

You receive 108 Xp + 1 x Pulse Generator

failed cycborg unit.

Drops : Hertz Matrix, Monitor Head

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