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Cloning Facility (East Wing)

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Pistol Mag Mk2, Alpha Stim, Pistol Mag Mk1, Bullrolt Pistol, Jarrokine Axe, Korrin Body Armor, Laced Armor Shirt, Metal Pot Helm, Studded Velar Strides, Timer, Voltarin Helm Blueprint, Xakthor Leg Armor Bllueprint
Resource Stripping
Starts at(8.15)

The sound of running feet echo down the long corridors of the East Wing. In a small room you find a sorry sight, a Deactivated Security Droid.

You step closer to the Droid, it's arms hang limply by it's side. You jump when it suddenly speaks. 'I see that you are a successful Clone Unit. It's a surprise that the Unit Line can still produce a Clone while under attack. The Hacker has been dealt with, but as a result the East Wing is now being stripped of it's valuable items.

I was dealing with the intrusion when the security system was shut down. I've been forced into a re-charge cycle so I cannot move. I need you to gain access to the Security Console, however the Looters are guarding it.

The leader of the Looters is wearing a Red Jacket, he is very fast even for me to grab. You will need a weapon with a large splash damage to terminate the threat. I took an Acetylene Bomb Blueprint from one of the Resource Thieves before I was shut down.

Take it and return when you have placed an Acetylene Bomb by the Looter Leader.'

You receive 1 x Acetylene Bomb Blueprint.

Create bomb Go to (3.14)

You find the Looters protecting the Security Console. They are hiding behind a makeshift barricade. Just over the top, you see the Red jacket of the Looter Leader

You carefully place the Acetylene Bomb at the base of the Barricade, you hear the timer tick as you quickly leave the area.

The Security Droid will want to hear of your success.

Return to (3.14)

You return to the deactivated Security Droid, 'My batteries are running low, have you placed the Acetylene Bomb by the Looter Leader? He is wearing a Red Jacket.'

As the word leaves your lips there is a sound of a large explosion! The Droid makes a slight clicking noise, 'That's good, here take this Security Override to the Security Console.

The Console was behind the Looter Barricade. Please do this quickly, we can't have these Looters doing too much damage to the Facility. '

You recieve 1 x Security Overide

Go to (2.16)

You step over the smoldering bodies of the Looters. The Security Console stands before you.

The Console is blackened but otherwise unhurt by the explosion. As you insert the security Override into the Access port lights start to ripple over the surface of the Console. You hear a noise behind you, as you turn you see the Security Droid standing menacingly in front of you. 'You have done well Unit. I shall patrol the Facility and make sure that no other Looters are in the vicinity. Take these Credits that I confiscated from some of the Looters. I'm sure you can put them to good use.'

You receive 156 Xp + 50 Credits + 10 Skill Points

resource thief

Drops : Looter Backpack

obsolete security droid

Drops : Security Droid Husk

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