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system edge

Store : Data Sale
heart boost4cred nightstick4cred pistol mag mk215cred alloy scale helmet20cred alloy scale leg armor20cred alloy scale vest20cred impact generator blueprint20cred
Heart Boost, Nightstick, Pistol Mag Mk2, Alloy Scale Helmet, Alloy Scale leg Armor, Alloy Scale Vest, Impact Generator Blueprint
Bit Builder
Starts at (11.13)

A thin man stands flapping his arms in frustration.

The thin man freezes on the spot, 'Oh you're here already! But..but we're not ready for you yet!' You look blankly back at him, at your obvious confusion the thin man seems to draw some comfort. 'The system has been under attack from a Hacker, so I take it the other systems have been failing as well. This is true if you do not know why you are here. What you see around you is not real.

You are at the moment a Software Construct in a Simulation. You must be up-loaded into your body through a Transfer Pod. The Transfer Pod will transmit all your experience into your new body, and advanced Nano Technology will materialize all objects that your Construct is currently wearing. This is good if you don't want to enter the world naked.

Unfortunately the program that is responsible for collating the Construct for Up-loading has been attacked by the Hacker.

If you would kill 20 Bit Collators, the Network will spawn new ones to replace the loss. We can then get you into your new body and ready for delivery to the customer.'

Kill 20 Bit Colators, Return to (11.13)

A thin man waits for your return, 'Have you destroyed 20 Bit Collators?'

The thin man smiles with a broad grin. 'I am the Key Master, I am responsible for your transfer out of the Simulation and into the world itself. The only reason you are here is that you have learnt valuable lessons. These include, the acquisition of Blueprints and building of items from their components in the Assembly Plant. As well as finding missions through the Area Map and the importance of new items when you face a strong adversary.

You have learnt a lot but there is just one more thing to tell you. Every area on Sigma has a Sector. This shows several 'spots' that give you access to new areas of the world.

To access these areas you must go through a portal. A portal will be shown a list of these Sectors that you can journey instantly for a credit cost. If you are at the correct Level of course. The first Sector you will enter is the Taulin Rad Lands.

If you ever get stuck you can re-set your location by clicking the Character Tab, then through the Config link to find the 'Instant Teleport to Taulin Rad Lands'. .'

The Key Master sighs deeply, 'I know it's a lot to take in, but you'll get used to it in time.

Now Enter the Data Stream to find the Portal. Click the Taulin Rad Lands to open the Sector and find the spot called 'Transfer Pod'.

Click the Transfer Pod spot to enter your body. When you get to the other side find my buddy the Gate Keeper.

Make sure that visit the Data Sale shop before you go, because when you leave you can never return. Good luck my Friend.'

You receive 100 Xp + 5 Skill Points

When you finish the mission Bit Builder you will be able to enter here which will transport you to the real world.
Bit Collator

Drops : Data Sphere

rouge legacy routine

Drops : Multi Core

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