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Phantom Lake (Shore)

Store : Phantom Lake (Shore)
pistol mag mk215cred alpha stim10cred pistol mag mk115cred aloy tipped bullets15cred mind shard10cred shell mag15cred thron dart15cred 3 cord whip266cred barbed whip blueprint266cred Ethjar combat helm266cred flintlock rifle266cred inferno rounds15cred shaltar leg armor266cred
zalrin inferno gun mk1266cred zolk flack jacket266cred
Pistol Mag Mk2, Alpha Stim, Pistol Mag Mk1, Alloy Tipped Bullets, Mind Shard, 3 Cord Whip, Barbed Whip Blueprint, Flintlock Rifle, Inferno Rounds, Shaltar Leg Armor, Zalrin Inferno Gun Mk1,
Zolk Flack Jacket
Store : Hold Keep
Access after Way of old is completed
Found in Phantom Hold
phantom hold
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Pistol Mag Mk1, Alpha Stim, Pistol Mag Mk2, Alloy Tipped Bullets, Mind Shard, Shell Mag, Thorn Dart, Giga Frame Body Armor Blueprint, Giga Frame Helm Blueprint, Giga Frame Leg Armor Blueprint, Giga Shotgun Blueprint, Maldor Assault Rifle Blueprint, Maldor Combat Body Armor Blueprint, Maldor Helm Blueprint, Maldor Leg Armor Blueprint, Rachari Body Armor Blueprint, Rachari Helm Blueprint, Rachari Leg Armor Blueprint, Rachari Thorn Hail Blueprint, Teramorph bite Blueprint, Teramorph Body Armor Blueprint, Teramorph Helm Blueprint, Teramorph Leg Armor Blueprint
Way of the Old
Starts at (11.90)

An old Mutant waves to you.

The Elder Mutant sighs deeply, 'This world is a harsh place, it requires of it's peoples a thick skin. We are coming into a dangerous time for our Tribe. We now have comforts and safety to a certain extent. Our young seem to view this as what the world should give them. They are questioning the old ways. But these ways were put there to strengthen our people for the world around us. This is what I think. But my heart says otherwise. My heart cry out - that the Rad now runs thin through our veins.'

He grins wickedly at you, 'I see you are young and eager for battle. I also see that you are a Unit, not tainted by the growing “civilization” that is lulling our peoples to sleep. The Old Ways state that we should steel ourselves in the fires of combat alongside our brothers in a challenge worthy of merit'.

'My own Tribe's young refuse to do this out of fear, but I see a strength in your spirit Unit. Call you Faction Brothers and form a Squad, hunt down the Proto Stim Warrior (HK). Return to me when the trial is done'.

'I will warn you Unit, only the Brave will attempt this task. But if you do it, I shall make it worth your while.'

Kill one Proto Stim Warrior (HK), return to (11.9)

The Mutant Elder eyes you wearily, 'Have you completed your trial and kill the Proto Stim Warrior (HK)?'

The Elder Mutant stares at you for a moment, 'I am astonished that you accomplished this, when my own Tribe shirk such tests. I shall return and tell of your deeds, and they shall know their shame.'

'I shall now open the way to the Phantom Hold, within this secret place you shall find a shop that sells some special Blueprints.

'Luck to you Unit.'

You receive 866 Xp

hook toad

Drops : Hook Toad Head

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