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Taulin Gamma Wastes (Plateau)

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Down Lines
Starts at(9.7)

An engineer stands over you wielding a large rusty spanner. 'So, what brings you through these parts? I'm an engineer from the nearby settlement. Those Pincer Claw Cyborg have been wrecking the settlements power lines. Just further north they have exposed some power lines that we initially buried beneath the sand to prevent things like this from happening. My settlement would be ever so grateful If you could help us out.

'Excellent! First thing's first. Killing enough of those Pincer Claw Cyborgs should dissuade them from digging up another power line. Return to me once you've killed thirty Pincer Claw Cyborgs.'

Kill 30 Pincer Claw Cyborgs, Return to (9.7)

You arrive back at the engineer. 'Ah, I see you've made It back alive, barely.' The engineer laughs. 'Did you kill those Pincer Claw Cyborgs?'

'Oh wonderful. That should prevent them from wrecking the power lines in the near future. Unfortunately we already have some broken lines in the area. My people would be grateful if you could lend assistance in fixing the two broken lines. Here, take this. It should help you lend the lines.'

You gain 1 x Repair Kit.

Fix power lines at (3.13)

You arrive at the first broken line. It's obvious the line has been tampered with, as several wires as thick as your arm appear to have been torn apart.

You use the repair kit on the broken line. Soon enough the line is fixed. You will need to find the second broken line and repair it aswell.

Go to (2.2)

You arrive at the second broken line. The tampering of this power line is less obvious, however several thick lines protrude from the sand, their ends frayed from cutting and tearing.

You use the repair kit on the broken line. Soon enough the line is fixed. You will need to return to the engineer and inform him the lines have been repaired.

Return to (9.7)

You arrive back at the engineer. 'It seems to have worked. I have seen fewer Pincer Claw Cyborgs lingering around our power lines. Did you manage to repair those broken power lines?'

'Perfect. The settlement should have far fewer power problems from now on. I think any other malfunctions can be linked to the main generator acting up again. However, we can fix that. Me and the people of my settlement thank you for your help and wish to offer you this as a gift.'

You gain 5 Skill Point and 2,340XP

pincer claw cyborg

Drops : Pincer Claw

gamma worm larvae

Drops : Gamma worm Head

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