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Desert Path (Straights)

Store : Snake Stores
pistol mag mk215cred alpha stim10cred pistol mag mk115cred mind shard10cred shell mag15cred thron dart15cred farra helmet68Photobucket harvester needle fist bp68Photobucket jerrod armor68Photobucket lomkath greaves68Photobucket steel glove68Photobucket varril small bore pistol68Photobucket
Pistol Mag Mk2, Alpha Stim, Pistol Mag Mk1, Mind Shard, Shell Mag, Thorn Dart, Farra Helmet, Harvester Needle Fist Blueprint, Jerrod Armor, Lomkath Greaves, Steel glove, Varril Small Bore Pistol
Store : Barracks Stores
Access after Call to Armsis completed
Found in Desert Locker
Desert Locker
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Pistol Mag Mk2, Alpha Stim, Pistol Mag Mk1, Alloy Tipped Bullets, Mind Shard, Shell Mag, Thorn Dart, Jargronesh Body Armor Blueprint, Jargronesh Helm Blueprint, Kanizsa Body Armor Blueprint, Kanizsa Helm Blueprint, Serial Alloy Body Armor Blueprint, Serial Alloy Helm Blueprint, Trooper Body Armor Blue Print, Trooper Helm Blueprint
New Blood
Starts at (15.12)

In a quiet corner you find a wounded Woman.

The Woman initially reels from you, but when she realizes that you mean her no harm she relaxes, 'Sorry, this is a harsh world we live in. There are many who would simply kill me for the cloths I wear. I have no right to ask really, but there is a patient in my care who needs a blood transfusion. There are strange androids in this area that seem to collect Blood. Can you please bring me a Harvesters Storage Reservoir. I'll make it worth your while.'

Kill Bio Harvesters until you get a Harvesters Storage Reservoir, return to (15.12)

The Wounded Doctor waits for you, 'Have you taken a Harvesters Storage Reservoir from those weird Bio Harvesters?'

The Doctor takes the gruesome treasure from you, 'With this I can save my patient. Thank you very much for this. I tried to do it myself but failed. Please take this Harvesters Plate Blueprint as a token of my gratitude.'

You receive 209 Xp and 1 x Harvesters Plate Blueprint and 8 Skill points

Call to Arms
Starts at(6.3)

You find a Rusting Battle Droid standing in the sand.

The Droid makes curious whirring noises, it's obviously on it's last legs. 'I recognize a fighter when I see one. My mission objectives are clear, this area has to be made safe for the extraction transport to land. I cannot find the rest of my regiment at this time for some reason, but that does not alter my objective. The primary threat in this area is the Ancient Sand Lurker (Elite), but my internal servos are fused by sand. You will need a Squad to deal with this threat. Call your Faction mates to help you. Please terminate this threat for me so I can message the rest of the regiment for extraction.'

Kill one Ancient Sand Lurker (Elite), return to (6.3)

The Rusty Battle Droid waits for you, 'Have you terminated the Ancient Sand Lurker (Elite)?'

The Battle Droid straightens monetarily then seizes completely. 'I have messaged the rest of my regiment, to reward your valiant effort I shall now remotely unlock the Desert Locker. Inside you will find a shop that sells some interesting Blueprints.'

You receive 288 Xp


Drops : Harvesters body

ancient sand lurker (elite)

Drops : Lurker Head


Drops : Buglette wing

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