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Access Alert
Starts (2.9)

As you step through the doorway you are greeted by a strange dog. Squares appear and disappear in his body.

The dog wags his tail and you quickly draw your hand back when the dog talks to you. 'It's so nice to be appreciated. But there are more pressing matters at hand. The Databank (Beta) is being hacked as we speak. We need to stop the access of the Hacker, I would do so myself but my program has been infected with a virus. Can you use this Blueprint and make a Power Spear then destroy the Line-In socket?

This will disrupt the Hackers Jack and enable us to reset the fire wall. I hear that there are still some Energy Spikes in the Databank (Alpha), the Surge Vector used in the construction of the Power Spear can be extracted from their Hertz Matrix.'

You receive 1 x Power Spear Blueprint

Make blueprint then Go to (16.19)

The Line-in socket pulses gently as data flows through the access point.

You smile despite yourself as you insert the Power Spear directly into the Line-In. The socket fuses instantly as the Power Spear is spent. The Watchdog will be pleased, you should inform him at once of your success.

Return to (2.9)

The Watchdog waits patiently for your return, 'Have you fried the Line-In and cut the Hackers access from the Databank (Beta)?

The Watchdog gives you a wolfish smile, 'You know that only cyborgs can access through that form of line. So the power surge would have gone straight into the Hackers head. That'll sting! Couldn't have happened to a nicer user.

Take this Interlaced Leg Armor Blueprint as a token of my thanks. Look in the Security Core when you have a chance. Tell them I sent you.'

You receive 40 XP and 1 x Interlaced Leg Armor Blueprint.

the creeper

Drops : Token

Corrupted System Monitor

Drops : Security Data Log, Monitor Head, Energy cords

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