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Here is the home of the friends of chaos.
This is a place for only those that are strong and dedicated.

As I (founder of the faction) I will be adding useful information to the faction sight.
Remember feel to let me know if there is any thing that is needed for the sight.

Also this is where we will post our banned members that are no longer allowed.

Here is where we will dedicate the rules that one must follow for the faction, among other things.

1) - be active in the game.
(if you are going to be more then a week (7 days) from the game let either the founder, the co-founder know, or one of the other specific members of the faction know. You will then be placed on the vacation list and not kicked from the faction for inactivity.

2) - Donate either credits (they are needed to manage the structures) or flux crystals (they are needed to get upgrades for the faction)

3) - Be willing to help your fellow players as you can with out hindering your self in the game or going great distances.

4) - Any drops that are obtained from squad drops are forfeited to the faction for what profit can be gotten either by selling for flux or by selling for creds and then teh gaind profit sent to the current money changer. Current money changer is Pyronic.

5) - At all times there is to remain one store slot open for the purpose of squad drops.

Here is where we will keep an update for what is needed for the faction.

The Guide - Here is where we information that well help new members and or the lowest members of the faction get further in the game.
Granted for those that are just visiting feel free to check out the guide also. It is open to all.

Here is where those players that are part of the guild will be able to have what buffs and blue prints that they have.
For those that are willing to have them listed here.
Also the exp requirements for each rank and what privilege of the rank too.

For those that would like me to list them please send ms a message on sigmastorm2 - pyronic and ill get back to you on adding it to the web sight.

Other sights that our members go to and there sight invites. Member links


Also I am currently offering some credit rewards for help with the guide sight. For those of you that are iterested in helping please feel free to pm me on Sigmastorm2 - pyronic. a very big thanks is given to all that are willing to help make this sight bigger and better.

Our members that are on leave
killjoy454, Xander311, Comando543