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Faction info and member information from those that want it listed. As the faction grows the more ranks will be added and the requirements and privileges will be listed here.

The abilities for ranks will stack so I have only listed the added privilege to the rank.

rankexp reqprivilege
initiate0 - 500store items
take items
mass message
grunt501 - 1500Recruit
battle ranger1501 - 3000Can Recall Tagged Items
Lieutenan3000 - 6000Build Structures
Change Member Ranks
Can Tag Items
Can Un-Tag Items

These privileges are given to the ranks listed below :
Build Structures
Change Member Ranks
Store Items
Take Items
Buy Upgrades
Can mass message
Can Hire/Fire Mercs
Can tag items
Can Recall Tagged Items
Can Un-Tag Items

Store manager - Expected to help keep items upgraded to there fullest and keep outdated or useless items out of the store. Help keep all members that are not following the rules in check.

Recruiter - Expected to keep the faction full of members as best as he can and to help keep all members that are not following rules in check.

Co-Founder - Help manage the faction and is the voice for the faction when the founder is not on.

Faction tagged items
Will be up-dated weekly

Here is the list of players buffs and what level they are or at least those that want them listed here.
The only buffs that are listed are those that can be activated one other players.
Allies of the faction

Strikemission finderfind iteminternal reserves