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taulin outskitrs (edge)

Store : Outskirts Wares
pistol mag mk215cred alpha stim10cred pistol mag mk115cred aloy tipped bullets15cred mind shard10cred shell mag15cred thron dart15cred inferno rounds15cred axe of sarthol382cred jolkfin helm382cred Lace Dura Vest Blueprint382cred mandar leg armor382cred rothzak helmet add on382cred trinsue leg armor bp382cred volgore body aror382cred
Pistol Mag Mk2, Alpha Stim, Pistol Mag Mk1, Alloy Tipped bullets, Mind Shard, Shell Mag, Thorn Dart, Inferno Rounds, Axe of Sarthol, Jolkfin Helm, Laced Dura Vest BLueprint, Mandar Leg Armor, Rothzak Helmet Add On, Trinsue Leg Armor Blueprint, Volgore Body Armor
labor droid mk2

Drops : labour droid torsoLabour Droid Torso

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