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Settlement Defense
Starts at (8.9)

Several heavily armed soldiers wielding heavy assault rifles have been pinned down by suppressive fire incoming from several groups of Bullet Storm Cyborgs.

The troopers spot you, however they continue firing on the approaching Bullet Storm Cyborgs. The squad leader turns to you as you arrive at their position. 'What are you, insane? This place is crawling with rebellious Cyborg scum. The settlement's defenses are in complete disarray. If you want to help, go and hold off those Cyborgs while we reorganize our defenses.'

You must kill 25 Bullet Storm Cyborgs then return to the Squad.

Kill 25 bullet Storm Cyborgs, Return to (8.9)

You arrive back at the squad of troopers. They are standing idle near the chassis of a nearby MechWalker.

The Squad leader spots you as you approach. 'I see you've made it back alive. Nice work out there. You managed to hold off those Cyborgs while we re-established the settlement's defenses. Unfortunately, we've lost contact with one of our other positions. I need you to go and check on them. You should find them North of here. Good luck!'

Go to (2.2)

You approach the position as indicated by the Squad Commander back at the settlement. It seems clear, from the scene before you, that the soldiers who attempted to hold this position were overrun.

You look around the area, however you find nothing but bodies of soldiers strewn about. Nothing remains of their weapons, or ammunition supplies. It seems likely the Cyborg's looted everything. You will need to go and report your find to the Squad commander back at the settlement.

Return to (8.9)

You arrive back at the settlement. The Squad Leader approaches you, eager to find out about the northern defenses.

'Welcome back, friend. You can sure handle yourself out there. I'm impressed. Anyway, what did you find at our northern defenses?

You explain your findings. 'I see... We will need to double our defenses here then. Anyway, thank you for your help friend. Here, take this as a reward for your assistance. ' The solder hands you a weapon add-on.

You gain En-KR5 Attachment, 2,000 XP and 10 Skill Points.

buzzfist mauler

Drops : Buzz Arm

bullet strorm cyborg

Drops : Bullet Storm Arm

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