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NameLocationLevelSkill Points
OrientationInitialize (stage1)10
Suiting UpInitialize (Stage2)10
Fist FighterInitialize (Stage2)10
Crawling CorruptionData Store15
Energy LeakData Store10
Access AlertDatabank (Beta)10
System Errorsecurity core15
Facility AssaultTransfer Podnot known0
Delivery Notecloning Facility (Loading Bay)not known0
Poison DesireDesert Path (Steps)128
New BloodDesert Path (Straights)108
Way of the OldPhantom Lake (Shore)not known0
Settlement DefenseTaulin Gamma Wastes (Straights)not known10
Down LinesTaulin Gamma Wastes (Plateau)255
Revenge of the G27'sTaulin Gamma Wastes (Towers)2620
Desiccator PrototypeTaulin Gamma Wastes (Sands)5
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